Realizing Your Potential for Fulfillment and Happiness - A Guide to Personal Awareness and Understanding
"A Unified Approach" Concluding Thoughts

Characterization of Potential Fulfillment and Happiness (pfh) and Actual fulfillment and happiness (afh) and an associated value system afford powerful tools for understanding the mechanisms that shape individual behavior, and the behavior of societies as a whole.
  • This approach provides a framework for evaluating the relative state of well being of individuals and societies. It is possible to more clearly discern those factors that are under our control, and those factors that we can do little about. With this understanding, our energies can be directed towards the most beneficial endeavors.
  • The pfh defines the impedance that is encountered as a result of events beyond our control (our fate) and the defining events in our lives. This establishes a benchmark to appreciate what we can hope to achieve (afh) under the circumstances. Pfh is applicable to all levels of society, from individuals to countries.
  • Afh addresses the question, So how am I doing under the circumstances, (i.e., given the hand that I have been dealt)? The success of individuals and societies can be gauged in the context provided by the pfh. Corrective measures (e.g., therapy) can be applied with an increased understanding of what is realizable in practical terms.
  • The value system is the basis for establishing a rational set of evaluative criteria for the pfh. A set of rules can be formulated based on principles of logic and “set theory” to define value system structures (importance weighting and value measure scores).
  • Value system regimes also provide a framework for assessing quality of life issues across societies and time frames.
With this approach, elusive quality of life issues can be explored in an objective manner. A soft mathematical structure has been formulated to address these issues – which for the most part have heretofore been considered primarily in qualitative terms.

This treatise is intended for reading at two levels:
  • A theoretical framework to enable further in depth analysis. The concepts that have been introduced just scratch the surface. Many of the areas touched upon, such as applications to individual quality of life issues, societal issues, and temporal states, can now be explored from entirely new perspectives.
  • A self-help guide to apply these concepts in practical terms. By “going through the motions” one step at a time and applying the principles to our specific circumstances, we may be able to learn more about ourselves. The benefits can be highly leveraged if these methods are applied in “group sessions,” where experiences can be shared and honest, sincere feedback is obtained.
This approach also provides a construct for damage models to attempt to get our arms around the costs associated with discrimination, terrorism, and arcane cultural practices.  By understanding the societal costs associated with these policies and the collective harm that results, there may be increased motivation and incentive to address these issues constructively.

I believe that these behavioral principles have far-reaching implications that can influence our lives at each of these levels.

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