This website features several books that were motivated by the author's extensive first-hand consulting experiences over a period of 25 years, working with people under diverse and challenging conditions.  It was recognized that there was a need for a fresh, new approach that could enable people to realize increased fulfillment and happiness.  This is accomplished through a heightened sense of self awareness - not by comparison to others.  By this means it's possible to discern those factors that are under one's control, contrasted with factors that one cannot do anything about.  The books are transformative and can elevate your life.  

“Realizing Your Potential for Fulfillment and Happiness” is a 26,500 word book that challenges you to make an honest assessment of your life through a systematic, structured approach that eliminates the “fluff” that is characteristic of typical self-help books. This book  provides an objective framework and action plan for realizing your potential for fulfillment and happiness. You will benefit substantially from this honest, evaluative, but most importantly constructive and transformative method to move from aspirational to actualized change.

 "AUnified Approach to Achieving Fulfillment and Happiness” is a concise 11,000 word book that addresses quality of life issues from individual and societal perspectives.  This book provides powerful tools for understanding the mechanisms that shape individual behavior, and the behavior of societies as a whole. The first section of the book challenges you to make an honest assessment of your life through a unique systematic approach while the second section of the book addresses societal issues, building on this construct.

This approach provides a framework for evaluating the relative state of well being of individuals and societies alike. It is possible to more clearly discern those factors that are under our control, and those factors that we can do little about. With this understanding, our energies can be directed towards the most beneficial endeavors.

Topical areas of the book include:


  • Evaluating Quality of Life: The Musician and the Postal Worker, a Study in Contrast
  • The Need to Reinvent Ourselves Over and Over Again
  • Perspectives on Religious Belief and Zealot Behavior
  • Perspectives on Racial Discrimination
  • Perspectives on Cultural Impact
  • Perspectives on the Status of Underdeveloped Nations
  • Perspectives on Despotism
  • Perspectives on Terrorism
  • Contrasting Past, Present, and Future Societies

You are invited to read the following synopsis of the two books to gain a sense of what they're all about. 

About Us

About Realizing Your Potential For Fulfillment and Happiness - A Guide to Personal Awareness and Understanding

In this self-help guidebook, a unique conceptual framework is provided that enables the reader to increase awareness and progress toward realizing his or her personal aspirations, ultimately enhancing the quality of life.

Principles and a series of quantitative scales are presented that enable measurement of one's fulfillment and happiness, challenging others to view their lives more realistically and gain a heightened awareness of  what is really important towards these ends. While sharing ideas formulated during extensive discussions with Dr. Margie Skeer, an expert in social sciences, Dr. Martin Skeer, the author, also provides real life and hypothetical examples, guiding the reader through a journey of self-improvement.
Learn how to:
- Understand actual versus potential fulfillment and happiness
- Construct a value system
- Enhance relationships through interpersonal communication
- Recognize successes, no matter how small
- Differentiate between negative perceptions and constructive advice
- Take risks to improve potential

Ultimately, there is nothing that matters more than fulfillment and happiness. This framework challenges you to consider the options to achieving success and inner joy and find a new way to view the world.
Concluding Thoughts" to this book are provided on the page entitled  "Realizing Synopsis."

About A Unified Approach to Achieving Fulfillment and Happiness - A Guide to Self-Awareness and Understanding at Individual and Societal Levels

This academic treatise provides an analytical construct and associated methodology for evaluating the potential for fulfillment and happiness at both individual and societal levels, encompassing race, religion, nationality, and political systems. Through case studies and hypothetical examples, the author explores how individuals are best able to recognize what events shape their lives, and, in due course addresses a key question: To what extent has actual fulfillment and happiness been realized in relation to potential fulfillment and happiness over time? Potential and actual are interconnected yet fundamentally different measurements of fulfillment and happiness.  The author explains why these principles  are applicable to wide-ranging aspects of human behavior on the societal level as well.

The objectives of this dissertation are threefold: to enable the quality of life for individuals and societal groups to be gauged in quantitative terms, either alone or in contrast to one another; to provide a basis for measuring how well individuals are faring with regard to maximizing their quality of life; and to offer a systematic approach for establishing strategies and priorities to enhance the quality of life for both individuals and societal groups.

"Concluding Thoughts" to this book are provided on the page entitled "Unified Synopsis."